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Connecting your Samsung device to your App-Attacknid

1. Switch on the Attacknid

2. Start the App

3. While the app is active press the ‘options’ button on your Samsung device, which will allow you to search for devices

4. Select Search….  Then pair with Combat Creatures

5. You will get a message saying its paired successfully

6. Now press START in the app & it will go to the controls screen

For a video description please go here.

My dissector discs keeps getting jammed.

This happens from time to time when the fire button is released just at the wrong time. There are two ways to fix this:

A) Push another disc in through the front and push hard until the disc slots back into the unit

B) Disconnect the Bolt ‘N’ Battle head, turn upside down and remove all dissector discs. Then push the stuck disc through the firing slot to clear the jam.

I get a message saying "Pairing Unsuccessful, COMBAT CREATURES not supported" when connecting to my App-Attacknid

DO NOT use Bluetooth > Settings to try & manually pair your App-Attacknid & device.

If you do, you will see a message that says 'COMBAT CREATURE Not Paired’ in the device list.

If you then click on COMBAT CREATURES to try and manually pair, you will get a message stating: 

Pairing Unsuccessful 'COMBAT CREATURE’ is not supported

If this happens to you, just click ‘OK’, leave Bluetooth > Settings

Start your App, press the START button in the App, then select ‘PLAY’

Bluetooth pairing will happen automatically and the controls screen will appear in your App.

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