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Wow! Stuff

We look to create Wow-factor, blockbuster toys working with our inventor mantra ‘Whoever, Wherever’. Many of our toys are invented in-house, but some by a mad scientist who lives on a mountain in Vermont or another professor who is based at the University of Pittsburgh (those are not made up, promise).

We look to sell the highest number of 'Wow-factor' toys per square foot for our retailers. We aim to make sure our toys are great value for our end consumers and in some instances we will invest heavily in a hit toy to create a sustainable brand range with identifiable positioning. That's now our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ambition and mission. To help us achieve this we work very closely with the world’s biggest and best retailers, tell the story of our Wow-factor toys through TV adverts, talk to the media, stories on in-store video screens and of course deploying our Demonstration Artists™ up and down this country and other countries that love our Stuff. You can read about us (if you like) at