The ultimate in battling robotics

The Greatest Toy in the Universe

When in October 2007 one of toy company, Wow! Stuff’s trusted inventor’s said you have got to see this online video blog of a crazy mountain man building an amazing Giant Robot, it started a journey that led to the creation of “The Greatest toy in the Universe”…

What started out as one mans vision to create a Giant Robot and his desire to create a miniature toy version available to all children, young and old, drove inventor and builder of things, Jaimie Mantzel to contact toy companies in the USA. Having built his own house and giant workshop atop a mountain in Vermont, Jaimie set about creating 10” tall prototypes of his robot and dispatching them to various toy companies. After they turned down his head rotating, 6 legged, directional walking robot, Brit based toy design house Wow! Stuff having viewed Jaimie’s blogs felt there was great potential. Over several years of deliberation, development, research and smoothies, Jaimie and Wow realized that one key missing ingredient was the ‘Battle-factor’! Wow had long harbored a wish to build a brand that could be number 1 in a toy category. By incorporating battling features within Jaimie’s original toy robot Wow felt they could take robots into a true children’s core play pattern; battling. And with it create a new toy category, ‘Battling Robotics’.

One of Wow’s inventor partners had studied the toy robot market while undergoing his thesis for a PhD in robotics. During the studies he had found that the one reason kids really love playing with robots is when they battle! This was further evidence if any were needed that Wow’s direction was the right one.

As work progressed to finishing the first battling ‘spidertank’, a name referenced by Jaimie himself, the search for the products name began. A name capable of being trademarked and distinctive was the brief. Jaimie, true to his community of followers felt they should be the one’s to come up with the name. So, armed with the first Wow built fully functioning prototype battling robots one evening in early February 2012 Jaimie filmed the blog at Wow’s headquarters in Wolverhampton, England. He then posted it to his YouTube account. Before Wow could say wooooo, hold on there, the name suggestions came pouring in along with an incredible 2 million views! The social media news networks saw the video and posted comments “Nameless spider robot should just be called Awesome” said CNET, “The folks over at Wow! Stuff have come up with what may possibly be the greatest toy in existence” said Ubergizmo, “amazing toy” said Gizmodo. The comments from leaders in the specialist tech media were unanimous; the toy was a hit. At one point a name from Jaimie’s blog community was being suggested every minute of every hour. The crowd sourced name ‘Attacknid’ was submitted by 23 people from over 10,000 suggestions in just over 1 week! Plus over 24,000 comments and 20,000 likes, this made the video one of the fastest viewed toy videos in history. It was Aaron Carr who was officially the first to have posted the name, a distinctive trademarkable word that beautifully combined Arachnid the age old greek description for spider and the fighting, firing, battling nature of the robot. Inspired by the non-humanoid aspect of Jaimie’s robot, and the need for Wow to determine the toy category they could further expand into, Combat Creatures and its position as The Ultimate in Battling Robotics was born.