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Jaimie Mantzel

“I'm Jaimie... Mantzel. I like to do a lot of things. I'm kinda like.... hmmm... who am I like.... Oh, I'm like a cross between MacGuyver (I like to build stuff), and that guy in Fight Club (not because I fight, because I'm reclusive, resist the system, and live life my own way). Wait, no no. I'm more like a cross between Stewie from Family Guy, and... uhhh... well, people say "Run, Forest, Run" to me a lot. That might just be because I run a lot, though. OK, I don't know who I'm like. I'm a super-human space alien monster with a brain the size of a planet. Now stop pressuring me!!!!

So like... does anyone want to hire me to build a giant robot? huh huh?”

Jaimie Mantzel is an inventor who lives on mountain he owns in Vermont, in a four-story dome that he built with his bare hands, he cut the logs to build it with a band saw he also made himself. One of the floors is just a trampoline and this is where he comes up with all his inventions, no really this guy exists and he’s awesome! If you don’t believe it just go and check out his extensive video blog and see for yourselves.

Jaimie started building robots when he was just four years old when he found his first electric motor. He first came across the idea of making the ‘Attacknids’ when his brother showed him a picture of a walking robot when he was thirteen and Jaimie thought, ‘you know what, I can make a real one of them!’ Between this and now Jaimie made six different prototypes of his ‘spider tank’ sending them to multiple toy companies always getting the same response —“Wow! That’s really cool, but we don’t really know what to do with it.”

During this process Jaimie also started his side project, The Giant Robot Project. He thought ‘hey if I can make a small one of these why can’t I make a giant one! That I can ride in and control!’ So that’s what he's done. That was six years ago and thousands of people have followed his progress with the project via his YouTube channel, and now that robot is complete! Jaimie launched his giant robot in August 2013! You can see it here!

In the meantime when all these toy companies were saying that they didn’t want to work with the small robot, Wow! Stuff saw its potential. They saw Jaime’s videos on his YouTube channel and thought that this toy was the exact kind of thing they were looking for, something unique and innovative just like the company itself. Wow! Stuff got in touch with Jaimie and started developing the project.

This was a few years ago now and we are now well into the second year of the Attacknids and Combat Creatures brand! This year we have more characters, accessories and the toy is going worldwide! Wow! Stuff and Jaimie also continue to work together on awesome new projects for the brand! So watch this space for even more amazing Combat Creatures!