Die ultimativen Kampfroboter
App Attacknid

App Attacknid™ Brookstone Exclusive

Combining the best of Bluetooth technology and extreme innovation Combat Creatures bring you the App-Attacknid™, controlled directly from your iOS and Android devices.

Controllable from up to 20ft indoors and out, using the specially designed Combat Creatures app, allowing you to take full control of your Attacknid with your smart device!

The App-Attacknid™ stands at 10" tall, comes equipped with exclusive Stealth Matte Black Exploda-Armor™ and Stealth Stryder Battle Brain™, available at Brookstone only! Complete with the Snypa™ Dart Blaster you can rapid repeat fire 12 Powa-Darts up to 35 feet!

Blast down targets (supplied), march over any terrain from carpet to gravel and even snow and with the 360 degree rotating head you'll be sure never to get stuck behind any obstacles!

If you come across other Attacknids - then quickly switch to Battle Mode and blast your opponents away! See the Exploda-Armor™ fly off the legs, hit the Battle Brain three times and watch your opponents Attacknid shut down.

All Combat Creatures Blasters, Exploda-Armor and Battle Brains work with the App-Attacknid!

Construct - Customize - Compete any Attacknid to your design!