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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pair your Samsung device with your App-Attacknid

1. Switch on the Attacknid

2. Start the App

3. While the app is active press the ‘options’ button on your Samsung device, which will allow you to search for devices

4. Select Search….  Then pair with Combat Creatures

5. You will get a message saying its paired successfully

6. Now press START in the app & it will go to the controls screen

For a video description please go here.

How to pair your App-Attacknid & device using Bluetooth

1. Switch on Bluetooth on your device.

2. Switch on the App-Attacknid & Start up the app (this can be done in either order)

3. Press the ‘START’ button in the App, then select ‘PLAY'

4. The app will automatically pair your Attacknid & device via Bluetooth, and the controls screen will appear in your App. 


DO NOT use Bluetooth > Settings to try & manually pair your App-Attacknid & device. 

If you do, you will see a message that says 'COMBAT CREATURE Not Paired’ in the device list.

If you then click on COMBAT CREATURES to try and manually pair, you will get a message stating: 

Pairing Unsuccessful 'COMBAT CREATURE’ is not supported 

If this happens to you, just click ‘OK’, leave Bluetooth > Settings, start your App as above, and pairing will happen automatically.

For more information see the video tutorial here.

Where can I buy it?

To see a full list of retail partners around the world please visit the 'retail partners' page on the buy page. 

If you're based in the UK you can also buy Attacknids and accessories direct from us.

What age is it suitable for?

6+ to Adult

How many blasters come as standard?

The Dissector Disc Blaster comes as standard with the drone Attacknid available in the UK 2012 and Australia/New Zealand now - comes with 20 Dissector discs as standard (Blaster holds 12 discs)

This year multiple Blasters will be released and will be available as seperate accerssories. These will work on all Attacknids on the market.

How can I buy additional blasters?

Please keep up to date with our Buy pages, as soon as we have more information on what retailers will be stocking accessories we will update the information here.

Are there any other coloured Combat Creatures planned?

In 2012 the Attacknid was only available in red and black.

This year though you will be able to purchase the new Attacknids in both red and blue with Silver and Black accessory packs. You will also be able to purchase accessory packs so you can customize either your 2012 or 2013 Attacknids into the colour you want it to be.

How many batteries does it take?

The Attacknid requires 4 x AA batteries

The Remote Control requires 2 x AA batteries

The batteries last for around 4 hours of constant play or around 2 weeks of intermittent play

How many Combat Creatures can battle against each other?

Because of the 2.4Ghz chip technology inside the remote control, over 40 Combat Creatures can battle each other without any issues. 1 in 60,000 handsets are the same so technically you can battle 59,999 at any one time (but we haven’t tried it so let us know if this is true!)

How do I play with my Combat Creature?

There are a variety of games you can play including;

  1. Hit off your opponents Combat Armor - points for each one you manage to hit
  2. Hit your opponents Battle Brain 3 times to shut them down and win
  3. The Attacknids are all terrain robots so you can walk them over surfaces from wood and carpet to gravel and even snow.
  4. Why not set up your own obstacle course and see how quickly you can manouver around all the obstacles!
Can the Combat Creatures be played with outside?

Yes but they are not designed to be placed in water. This will void your warranty.

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