The ultimate in battling robotics
Doom Razor Doom Razor

Doom Razor™ Attacknid

Take control of the ultimate blasting robot as you blast down targets (supplied), march your Doom Razor Drone™ over any terrain and around obstacles! Controllable from up to 200ft in-doors and out, march your Attacknid over all sorts of terrain from grass to snow to gravel.

If you meet with another Attacknid you can enter Battle Mode blast at your opponents Combat Armor and see it fly off the legs or hit their Battle Brain three times and shut their Attacknid down.

Doom Razor comes equipped with the Doom Razor red and black Combat Armor and red Battle Brain. He also comes with the Dissector Disc Blaster that allows you to fire discs up to 30 feet!

Alternative blasters, armor and Battle Brains are also available separately so you can construct your Attacknid to your unique spec.