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I've been taking a much needed rest in the Bahamas after the marathon of inventing amazingness that resulted in the coolest toy ever.  :-)  While in the Bahamas, though, my building soul couldn't sit still.  I noticed that lots of strange, and useful things washed up on the beach, so I started collecting them. I went running on the beach every few days looking for treasure.  The hardest trip was my last one.  I had almost everything I needed to make a boat, except for a 55gallon drum, some more rope, and a long board.  I found them 5 miles away on the beach.  I tied the barrel to the board, threw everything else in the barrel, and put the board over my shoulder.  On the way back, I picked up some rare shells for the lady down the street who sells them. 

I made 2 pontoons out of rectangular jugs.  Most of them had holes in them, so I stuffed them with styrofoam and bottles.  :-)  Next I made a wood frame to connect them.  I hit some good luck, and someone let me borrow a saw to make notches in the wood so it fit together well.  I tied it all together with ropes, making sure to get the ropes wet first because they stretch out longer when wet, and get nice and tight when they dry out.  Then I used big round barrels for the middle pontoon, and put up a mast made out of a small fallen tree.  The sails were old beach umbrellas, and I made paddles out of some PVC pipes, rope, and leftover pieces of barrels.

It was great fun, and some of the kids in the area had a blast hitching rides.  A neighbor and I went on several fishing trips.  It was great!  Here's a picture of me with my daughter driving around in the beautiful blue tropical water.  Letting your imagination run wild can result in some awesome experiences.  :-)

I documented the whole thing, and posted it on youtube starting here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnSPAnFnB6s

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The Battle Arena Roadshow coming to Australia


As you know the Attacknids were unveiled for the first time in Australia in March and they were a big hit with the press. Well know they are ready and raring for the general public. The Mk1 Attacknid will be hitting retailer’s shelves in early April in both Australia and New Zealand. With Toys R Us and Toy World being the first retailers to sell them.

In turn with the Attacknids hitting the shelves the Combat Creatures Battle Arena will be making its way around stores in Australia just as it did in the UK last year. You will be able to go and have a live in store battle at numerous Toys R Us stores to get to grips with the Attacknids, which will also be available to purchase on the day.

Full list of events below:

Sat 6 April - Moore Park Supa Centa

(Outside Toys R Us store on ground level)

Sat 13 April - Westfield Knox Shopping Centre

(Centre court on level 2, near the AFL store)

Sun 14 April - Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre  

(Centre court outside Myer on ground level)

Sat 20 April - Westfield Chatswood Shopping Centre

(Centre court on level 3, near Dymocks)

Sun 21 April - Westfield Hurtsville Shopping Centre

(Centre court on level 1)

Sat 27 April - Westfield Liverpool Shopping Centre

(Centre court on level 1)

Sun 28th April - Westfield Miranda Shopping Centre

(Centre court on level 2 side closest to escalator)

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The Attacknids have invaded Australia!

So late last year we started working with a great company in Australia called Modern Brands. They are going to be selling the Attacknids to all the big Australian and New Zealand toy stores this year. Starting with the 2012 Attacknids, which will be officially released in Australia in April with the 2013 Attacknids being released at the same time as the rest of the world.

There are Toy Fairs all over the world at this time of the year so all toy companies can show off what fantastic toys they’ve got for the upcoming year. Well this week its Melbourne’s turn at the Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Show. This is where the Attacknids have been unveiled for the first time in Australia to say that they’ve gone down a storm would be an understatement!

On their first day on Aus soil they were awarded the 2013 Boys Toy of the Year Award by the Australian Toy Association! And on their second day following on from massive TV appearances in the UK and US they were having their first prime time TV appearance over in Australia on the biggest morning show, Mornings on Channel 9!

With Battle Arena events set to take place throughout April watch this space for more information on how to get involved with these events. 

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Want to Battle? Register your interest now!!!

We have had so much demand from people wanting to take part on battle days, that we are opening pre-registration 4 weeks earlier than originally planned. Due to health & safety, we are having to restrict entries to 200 per event, so if you don’t want miss out out… 

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