The ultimate in battling robotics

The Giant Attacknid

As many of you now know we have built a Giant Attacknid! Taking inspiration from Attacknid inventor, Jaimie Mantzel's, Giant Robot Project! We didn't go quite as big as Jaimie's 12 foot robot but what we did do was make our giant look and work exactly like the Attacknid toy. In the end the Giant Attacknid was 5ft high (5 x the size of the Attacknid) and 300lbs (125 x the weight of the Attacknid) and it functions in the exact same way! The Exploda-Armor explodes off the legs when hit, the dart blaster fires out supersized Combat Creatures darts and get hit on the Battle Brain 3 times, the giant will shut down!

Since building the Giant Attacknid we have taken it around the world. Visiting famous landmarks in San Francisco, taking it to the Sand Dunes in Dubai, visiting the AOL offices and even getting invited down for a party at Google's head office in California!

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