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The Attacknids make their way to Asia!


Following huge success in the UK and now Australia and New Zealand, next stop for the Attacknids is Singapore. Sheng Tai toys will be distributing the Combat Creatures brand in Singapore and Malaysia and are launching the brand with a whole host of Battle Arena events in the coming months. The Battle Arena really is going worldwide!

Sheng Tai Toys have teamed with Energizer batteries in Singapore as the official battery sponsor for the Attacknids. This means that the first location for the Combat Creatures Battle Arena will be Energizer's Singapore night race 2013. This event takes place on May 11th. There will be a total of 5000 participants at this race, with the Battle Arena being placed in the carnival area for everyone to play on both before and after the race.

From here the Battle Arena will begin it's tour of the country with events taking place at three different locations with a total of 22 days of battling. The format will run the same as the UK with live scoring, certificates for all who take part and the scores going on the live leaderboard so keep your eyes peeled on the leaderboard to see who comes out as the ultimate battler!

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