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New App-Attacknid available now!


Many people have said to us how they would love to be able to control their Attacknid using their Android or iOS device. Well we've listened and are very happy to announce that the brand new App-Attacknid is now available! 

Control this amazing Combat Creature at distances up to 200 feet, using a free downloadable app for your iOS or Android™ device. The Attacknid™ walks in any direction on its six spidery legs, stalking your friends or battling others of its own kind. Tilt and aim to fire the soft darts in single or rapid fire mode, complete with combat action sounds for every shot and hit. Clip-on armor flies off in spectacular fashion when hit. Score three direct hits to its battle brain, and the robot shuts down in defeat. Get two or more to wage epic app wars with your friends!

Enjoy hours of battle and adventure, with an App Attacknid™ exclusive to Brookstone. 

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