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Jaimie's Blog #2 - Kickstarter and GRP

I'm been busily working away in my secret mountain laboratory.  ....which isn't really that secret since its all over youtube.  2 big big projects are in the works.

1. I launched a kickstarter for robot toy kits.  Wowstuff is helping me with the logistics, but in a nutshell, they're robot kits the way I'd want them.  Going through the list of backers is like reading a who's who list of global hackers.  Its really amazing.  Still, the goal is a long way off.  I have to get it funded by August 14th!  It seems so soon!  I'm hoping to get some more publicity for it soon to give it a boost.  The kits themselves are great fun to put together.  People have been asking how the spider tanks work ever since I showed the first one.  Now anyone can find out by putting one together themselves.  :-)  Here's the link to that!

The Greatest Toy KIT in the Universe! Spider Tank Mark 6 by Jaimie Mantzel — Kickstarter


Oh, and here's a link to my kickstarter "commercial".

2.  I decided to put the rest of the world aside for a few weeks and finish my giant robot.  ....which is a 12+ foot tall spider tank.  :-)  I'm scheduling a test drive for August 6th ar a friends farm.  I'd do it here on the mountain, but there are too many trees for a real test.  Last week i finished the mechanical parts, yesterday I put most of the electronics together, and this week I'll be wrapping up the last bits, and carrying the entire thing down my mountain in pieces.  I'm not sure how that's going to go, but I've been doing lots of yoga, so I shouldn't pull any hammies.  :-)  I have to admit.... I'm a bit nervous.  It could all go up in flames!  Succeed, or fail, I hope its spectacular!


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