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Award, Awards and more Awards

Combat Creatures has been winning awards since the brand launched last year, well now the brand has gone worldwide the awards are piling in, with three new ones being announced this week!

So far this week we have won the Dad's Choice Award, all Dad's love Attacknids so we were pretty chuffed with that one, we also picked up the parents choice awards. These awards mean a lot to us as they come from the parents and kids, and at the end of the day they're the people we're here to please.

On another note though we have also been shortlisted for a very prestigous industry award, and not just us, Jaimie too! Attacknid inventor Jaimie Mantzel and the three Wow! Stuff founders (the company behind the Combat Creatures brand) have been shortlisted for The World Technology Network award for their work on the Attacknids! Past finalists include engineers from MIT, Google and Microsoft! So we're in some pretty big company. We're very excited about this one and we'll let you know how we get on in the finals.

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